Privacy Notice to Our Customers

At Karp and Associates protecting our clients’ privacy is paramount; we recognize that an individual’s financial matters are extremely private and sensitive in nature.  Our commitment is to maintain strict standards to safeguard your personal financial information at all times, while diligently seeking to continue to bring you valuable products and services.

This information is being provided to you as required by Regulation S-P that was adopted by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to modernize the laws governing the financial services industry.

Information We Collect and Share

The personal financial information we collect directly from you includes information required to communicate with you and to assist us effectively address your financial needs, as well as, to operate prudently in complying with the legal and regulatory requirements imposed by federal and state regulations.

Such personal financial information we may collect and share is made available to us from the following sources:

In all cases, we collect and share only personal financial information that is either required by law or necessary to provide personalized financial services to you.

Other information we may collect indirectly from you includes your IP address, browser type, and operating system used when you access our Web site.  We do this through the use of cookies, which are small text files sent from the Web server to your computer.  Cookies help us to know you better by providing operational data we can use to aid your interaction with our Web site and improve its navigation and usability.

Standing alone, cookies, GIFs and other Web tools, as well as data derived from them, do not identify you personally - they merely recognize your browser.  Unless you choose to identify yourself to us by requesting additional information through our Web site about our service, you will remain anonymous.

Our Use of Your Personal Financial Information

In the course of conducting investment advisory services on your behalf, there are occasions where we may engage affiliated and/or nonaffiliated companies to (i) service or process a financial product or service requested by you or, (ii) to maintain or service your account(s).  These companies may be engaged in a related business such as mutual funds, annuities or other insurance product, consumer banking, mortgage lending, securities brokerage, investment advisory or tax, estate or financial planning.  Or they may be engaged in some service such as a transfer agent, clearing or custodial firm, accounting or reporting, systems operation or marketing.  In such cases, the personal financial information we may share about you with these companies is necessary and permissible by law to administer, process, service, and enforce a transaction that you requested or authorized.

We may also share some or all your personal financial information with your legal representative, trustee or other fiduciary, or where we need to protect the confidentiality and security or our records, or to prevent potential or actual fraud unauthorized transactions, claims or other liability, for institutional risk control or resolving customer disputes or inquiries.

Also, as permissible by law, we may provide your personal financial information on request, for example, to insurance rate advisory organizations; funds guaranty agencies; agencies rating our compliance with industry standards; and our attorneys, accountants and auditors.  In addition, subject to the Right to Financial Privacy Act, sharing of your personal financial information is permitted on request by a law enforcement agency, regulator, self-regulatory agency or in a public safety investigation.  Such sharing of your personal financial information is also permitted on request by a consumer reporting agency in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or to comply with federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations, including requirements of self-regulatory organizations or a subpoena or judicial process.

Confidentiality and Security

When we share your personal financial information with affiliated companies, they are not allowed to use your personal financial information for their own purposes and are contractually obligated to maintain strict confidentiality.  We limit their use of your personal financial information to the performance of the specific service we have requested.

We restrict access to your personal financial information to employees who need to know such information in providing products or services to you.  We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable federal regulations to guard your personal financial information.  Of course, even with these safeguards, we cannot guarantee that your personal financial information will always be safe from unauthorized sharing, and we assume no responsibility or liability in that event, except as and to the extent that may be imposed by law.